Master Metal Products strives to deliver the pieces that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We are able to do that on a consistent basis because of our dedication to using the best materials and tools at every step of the way. MMP technicians execute a host of metal fabrication services — welding, rolling, forming, cutting, punching, drilling, machining and finishing — for clients in a wide variety of industries. Each technician is proficient working with steel, stainless steel, aluminum as well as more exotic materials. The company’s San Jose plant is stocked with state-of-the-art CNC and robotics and machines that help each job to run efficiently and accurately.

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MMP utilizes plasma, flame, laser and shearing cutting methods, concentrating on speed and accuracy during the process to ensure our clients get the perfect pieces for their jobs. From shim stock to six-inch plate, MMP cuts a variety of materials with either CNC controlled machines or manually.

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MMP’s punching machines include CNC programmed, automatic or manual and punches necessary to deliver round, square, slot or specialized holes exactly where needed. As with every job, accuracy and speed are the rule at MMP.

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The presses at MMP offer clients a number of options, whether the job calls for producing a one of a kind piece or hundreds in a production capacity. The hydraulic and mechanical presses at MMP offer precision gauging with a large selection of dies and high tonnage capacities.

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MMP owns and operates large capacity machines and die selections that enables the rolling of virtually all types of materials into a wide variety of formats. Our fabricators have the experience necessary to deliver tube, pipe, angle or structural pieces to meet any demand.

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By utilizing CNC cut templates, precisely aligned machines and experienced personnel, MMP has the ability to provide drilling expertise that ensures each part will work exactly as designed. From small or large bore holes to tapping and countersinking, MMP takes great care to deliver perfection every day.

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At its heart, Master Metal Products is a custom metal fabrication shop, providing clients with precisely milled, bored, turned or machined parts used in a number of applications. The equipment on hand, as well as the expertise of MMP’s technicians, ensures accurate results.

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MMP’s highly skilled welders are experts in TIG, MIG, stick and robotic welding for all types of materials, including steel, stainless steel and aluminum. MMP utilizes the most advanced robotic equipment and positioning to ensure fast and accurate welds in a production environment.

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Adding just the right finish to any part can be crucial to its usefulness and longevity. MMP has the capability to add graining, polish, paint or powder coat to practically every material before delivery.

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