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    Master Metal Products Fabricates the Vessels used in a Clean Energy Solution

Master Metal Products Fabricates the Vessels used in a Clean Energy Solution

For the past 40 years, Master Metal Products has been collaborating with an environmental scientist as he perfects the designs of a clean energy solution known as a Gasifier.

Now that the designs have proven successful in turning waste into energy, MMP has been tasked with fabricating the vessels used in each Gasifier.

To create each Gasifier, MMP works with a handful of different materials, including Grade 304 and Grade 310 stainless steel, and Inconel, a material resistant to very high temperatures, for the internal components.

MMP assembles the units and supplies the plasma torches that incinerate the waste products. Another vendor does the instrumentation, plumbing and electrical on-site.

Each Gasifier takes approximately three months to manufacture.

MMP Provides Parts for Heavy Duty Transit Busses

Master Metal Products fabricates the internal body and chassis components, cross members and outriggers for a local company that manufactures heavy-duty transit busses.

The company, explains MMP General Manager Glenn Kerk, “bolts the busses together from kits of the parts that MMP sends. They build 25 busses a week, so we are providing dozens of parts each week right on time to keep their plant running.”

MMP works with mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and extruded aluminum. “The client trucks down the extruded aluminum used on the bus roofs,” Glenn explains. “We roll and trim each part, making sure each meets their very exacting specifications.”

Master Metal Products has been proudly supplying these parts since 1978.

MMP Updates Control for W.A. Whitney 3700 ATC

In an effort to provide clients with a more effective and efficient work flow, Master Metal Products has updated the control panel for the W.A. Whitney 3700 ATC 60-ton punch plasma with a Beckoff Control Panel.
“One of our top priorities is to deliver every project right on time,” says MMP General Manager Glenn Kerk. “This new controller is more reliable, user-friendly and intuitive for our operators, so we can keep our guarantees. It’s a great addition to our shop.”

MMP Welcomes a Pair of Summer Hires

Luciano Cortes and Garrett Chitwood joined Master Metal Products as summer hires, continuing a program that dates back years.

“It’s a great introduction to the business,” explains MMP President Eric Friederichs. “High school or college kids come in, they learn about what we do and how we do it. Either they really enjoy the work or they find out they never want to do it again and are motivated to move in a different direction.”

During the summer, Luciano and Garret will get a chance to learn about the machines on the shop floor, interact with customers and help in the office.

Garrett, who is 17, has been around MMP for years since his Dad is regularly in the shop picking up work for his job. “This is my first job and it’s a cool one, because I’m getting to learn a lot of stuff like welding,” Garrett says. “And everyone is close here, so we hang out and mess around.”

Luciano comes to MMP from Cal State Monterey Bay where he’s studying computer science and information technology. “I came in to fix the computers and after a couple of days I told them I’d be willing to work here if they needed anyone,” he says. “I like the environment and how close everyone is here.

“Working here gives me a whole new insight into technology,” he continues, “and how computers are working with machines. It opened my eyes to a whole other world that I’d never seen before.”

The Summer Hire Program is just one of the ways MMP engages with local students. In fact, each year the company works with engineering students at San Jose State University during one of their annual projects. “The students have to build […]

Aaron Alcones Joins MMP

Aaron Alcones has been hired to be the MMP Office Manager, responsible for interacting with customers, invoicing, scheduling and job management.
“We really got lucky to find someone that can understand what it’s like to work in a small business, that understands how important customer service is to our success,” says MMP President Eric Friederichs, “and who’s interested in the metal business. He actually had no background in custom fabrication, but he’s picked it up extremely quickly. He came in at a time when we needed someone we could count on and he’s been awesome.”
Next time you are in the area, please stop by and say hello to Aaron.

MMP Purchases ALLtra CNC Plasma Water Table

Master Metal Products purchased a new ALLtra Plasma Water Table that enables its technicians to perform high definition cuts on thicker material and improves on the technology the company had previously used.

“We’re now able to do very precise round holes without the inherent tapering of a plasma cut edge,” reports MMP General Manager Glenn Kerk. “Plus, the control is more user friendly for the operator, so we spend less time programming the machine and more time running. It’s really a great machine.”

Defense Contractors Turn to MMP for Expertise

Master Metal Products has a long history of helping defense contractors develop and prototype the parts used to help keep our troops safe, including bulkheads used in battleships, turret mounts for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and a secure bottom hull used on Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) armored vehicles.

“We have the capacities that they don’t have in their shops,” says MMP President Eric Friederichs. “We have the giant 750-ton mechanical press and experience to do things like forming a piece of 3” steel in the shape of a ‘z’ for a battleship bulkhead.

“Plus, we have the experience to help their R&D departments streamline the process,” he continues, “or help them try out new designs to see if they can be produced without being incredibly expensive.”

One of those opportunities was when MMP was asked to help design the best way to protect the gas tanks on the MRAMP vehicles being used in Afghanistan and Iraq. “We formed a couple of samples out of 3/4” armor aluminum and 5083 aluminum,” Eric recalls. “The contractor wanted to have a physical mock up of the piece so they could find the best way to attach it for the best safety.”

Beyond prototype work, MMP fabricated and formed the pieces used to put toolboxes into the fenders of combat vehicles. The pieces are delivered to another contractor who does all the certified welding, building and attaching of anti-skid material, before each is delivered to BAE.

MMP Purchases a Roundo Angle Roller

As part of its commitment to making sure the best tools are available to its technicians, MMP has purchased a brand new Roundo Angle Roller. The roller is used for big angle rolling jobs, including the roofs used on GILLIG buses.

“It’s a great pick up for us,” says MMP General Manager Glenn Kerk, “because it ensures we have consistent rolls and continue to deliver the best possible pieces to our clients.

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